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Aluminium Signs

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Product Description

We manufacture signs using aluminium or aluminium composite sheets.

We make different types of aluminium signs.

From flat panels to sign trays (or box signs) to signs with an aluminium frame to create either a traditional look or a modern look.


A SIGN TRAY or BOX SIGN has a clean, stylish design, the easiest way to describe it is like a shoe box lid.

Fitted to the wall with fixings top & bottom so no visable fixings are seen. (HOME FASHION NORTHALLERTON.jpg)




Home Fashion & Cloud Cuckoo are two examples of Sign Trays.


Using different aluminium sign frames we can create different looks. (irvings bullnose.jpg)

Bullnose aluminium frame gives a more traditional look

Bullnose frame gives a solid half rounded over edge to the sign, as in the Irvings sign to the right.




Using a Panel trim type of frame we can create different profiles of frames. (cleasby notice board.jpg)



the Cleasby Notice Sign has a Panel trim type frame,once again no fixings are visable giving a clean professional image.


Whether fitted to walls or posts we can supply & fit to meet your needs.




For a more cost effective solution a flat panel would be used.Made from 3mm aluminium or 3mm aluminium composite sheet both long lasting & low maintenance. (THE MORRITT 2.jpg)



this Morritt sign is produced with aluminium composite sheet, painted & graphics applied & fitted to posts.



all our signs are made to order so for more advice & a quotation please contact us.


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